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We're empowering our community of advisors to thrive in the global shift to sustainable energy. Create a second income stream in this booming industry, totally synergistic with primary mortgage duties.

Solar4ThePlanet focuses on recruiting & mentoring mortgage professionals to create a 2nd stream of income, totally synergistic with their primary job responsibilities.  We are a lead generation company for over 100 solar providers in 42 US states, Puerto Rico, Canada and Australia.

No solar experience is needed.  We train and supply our team members with a $30M dollar technology platform that allows our team members to operate their business from the palm of their hands [i.e., a smartphone].

The FREE system proposal is the start. We educate homeowners on how to easily transition their electric usage from dirty fossil fuel to less expensive clean solar energy.  This is available by paying cash, or by getting the system via a lease or loan with ZERO DOWNPAYMENT NEEDED!  It becomes a virtual no-brainer decision by the homeowner because installing a solar system typically involves ZERO DOWNPAYMENT, future rate hikes by the current electric company are eliminated, maintanence is handled by the installer, the solar panels [national average] add $15,000 to the value of a home, and the homeowner helps the planet by transitioning to clean energy production.  What's to say no too?  Every homeowner ought to at least be getting a FREE solar proposal to consider.

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24822 Spadra Lane, Mission Viejo 92691, CA

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