Mortgage Action Alliance, MAA and The Mortgage List are collaborating to make our collective impact and voices stronger than ever.

What are you doing to ensure a strong future for our industry? It’s never too late to get involved!

Join the Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA), the real estate finance industry’s free grassroots advocacy network. You can play an active role in how laws and regulations are created and carried out by lobbying and building relationships with policymakers. 

The Mortgage List is proud to feature vendors who are MAA members!

Find them by searching categories “MAA Member” or “Mortgage Action Alliance.”

Take action and create positive change. The larger the group, the louder the voice! The first step is joining MAA!


MAA Vendors Stand Out!

The Mortgage List is a list of vendors who provide products and services to the mortgage industry.  We are working with MAA to create a stronger voice on Capitol Hill.

If you are a vendor in the mortgage industry you can be listed on The Mortgage List so that mortgage professionals can search for vendors by categories. 

We've added special categories for those vendors who support MAA and their grassroots lobbying network.  

Search for MAA Vendors!

You can find the vendors who support MAA by clicking on Search and then categories; MAA Members or Mortgage Action Alliance

All Vendors who support MAA will be listed under these two categories! 

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