AREAA Global & Luxury Summit

Saturday Apr 13, 2019 - Monday Apr 15, 2019

2019 Global and Luxury Summit

One of the premier real estate events of the year, AREAA’s annual Global and Luxury Summit provides a platform for the industry to see new real estate trends through the eyes of the Asian American community. Beyond Asian American education, the Summit provides relevant luxury driven content in exclusive venues and access to the industry’s best and brightest. In its 8th year, the Global and Luxury Summit has captivated real estate professionals each year in world class markets.

As a true luxury destination, Beverly Hills was chosen as the host city for this year’s Global and Luxury Summit. Beyond its extraordinary name recognition, Beverly Hills is a luxury capital in Southern California specifically. The Asian American population has a significant and growing presence in California.  Southern California is home to a large population of current and future AREAA members. Within Los Angeles alone, there are five AREAA chapters: Greater LA, LA Coastal, Tri-County, Inland Empire and San Fernando Valley/ Santa Clarita.

The Summit comes at a time where we are looking forward to the next growth phase of AREAA. How do we create real estate opportunities for Asian Americans within a shifting economy? Where are the true opportunities for luxury real estate sales today and how does the Asian American community fit in? Opportunity and timing go hand and hand. We look forward to having you with us in April as we share our knowledge and plans for the future.

About Beverly Hills

Also known by its zip code 90210, Beverly Hills’s iconic Rodeo Drive and five-star luxury hotels have been made famous in popular television shows and award-winning films. Beverly Hills continues to be an international destination for tourism and a highly desired market for luxury residential properties. With access to the some of the world’s best shopping and dining, Beverly Hills is home to the rich and famous. Since the 2010 Census, Asian Americans represent 8.9% of the 34,109 population.

A blend of modern and Spanish architecture punctuated with palm trees, Beverly Hills has a bold and classic style that attracts those that seek out beauty. With an Ideal Mediterranean climate, the town’s land was originally a Spanish ranch where lima beans were grown. The name Beverly Hills was incorporated in 1914 by a group of investors, and today Beverly Hills is included in the “Platinum Triangle” of Los Angeles with Bel Air and Holmby Hills representing the other neighborhoods.

Synonymous with Southern Californian luxury, Beverly Hills remains an ambitious American dream for commercial entrepreneurs and residential investments. Among the world renown areas that make up Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is a must for a true international luxury experience.


Date 04-13-2019
End Date 04-15-2019

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