iGlobal Forum: 9th Real Estate Mezzanine Financing Summit

Tuesday May 07, 2019
iGlobal Forum is pleased to present the 9th Real Estate Mezzanine Financing Summit, the most established senior-level conference designed by and for the US real estate mezzanine financing industry, taking place on May 7th, 2019 in New York. One of the biggest risks at present in the market is being tied to the economic cycle and the volatility of the market in this late stage. Deal volume is choppy and low and the market is also experiencing inconsistent deal flow which is normally experienced in pre-crisis times. National and international political shocks equally have huge implications for the market. With the current abundance of capital in the market as new players including foreign investors enter the market, these plethora of new entrants are chasing fewer deals which in turn has implications for pricing and credit/ covenants. The event brings together both lenders and borrowers together to discuss these key and pertinent issues in this capital saturated market. At this event, you will meet will your industry peers including new market entrants, developers, lenders and investors all looking for new opportunities in the market. You will hear leading speakers delve into their experiences and challenges and discover new opportunity in this challenging and changeable market. Join today and network with 150+ senior-level representatives from real estate mezzanine and senior lenders, private debt funds, credit funds, owners and developers, mortgage REITs, pension funds and endowments, sovereign wealth funds, private equity firms and investment banks.


Date 05-07-2019
End Date 05-07-2019

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