Real Estate Fund Investing

Monday Dec 09, 2019

Catalyst Cap Intro events are investor driven and transactional events that host investment managers and institutional grade investors that are introduced to each other with a view to become investment partners.

Institutional investors have come to appreciate that they require alternative investment managers for a portion of their investing needs, and this is certainly a fact in the real estate fund investing space. Investors cannot easily access this space themselves.

This Catalyst Cap Intro Event focuses on the Real Estate Fund Investing sectors. Strategies covered include: development, added-value, commercial, single-multi residential, single family, luxury hotels, real estate financing and debt, bridge financing, infrastructure, projects and complexes, and international projects. Managers typically offer their products through investment funds, co-investment and direct deals.

At the event managers give short presentations during lunch, which is followed by meeting sessions. There are no service providers, only managers and investors. The event concludes with a networking wine reception.

Introductions are accomplished through private meetings which are arranged prior the events, in an investor driven fashion based on the merits of each investment manager and the requests made by the investors.

Investors are pre-screened and pre-qualified prior the events, by questionnaires and talks. Investors constitute predominantly single and multi-family offices, investor intermediaries, and end-investors, located in the US but also internationally.

This event production builds on Catalyst’s history and successful track record in putting together industry-recognized and effective capital raising events.


Date 12-09-2019

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