Mortgage Girlfriends Mastermind Retreat

Thursday Oct 03, 2019 - Friday Oct 04, 2019



With: Karen Deis

  • Welcome Message
  • Overview of the 2 Days
  • What to Expect & How to Get the Most from the Experience!
  • Introductions! We ask that all attendees introduce themselves!
Karen Deis
Karen Deis

What “Home Sweet Home” Means for the Borrower and Loan Officer of the Future

Presented By: Bill Dallas

You are competing in this new world every day.  Together, we will explore how advances in technology, data, mobile, and cloud computing could affect demand from consumers.

We will discuss:

  • Changing demographics and how this could alter underwriting guidelines, income rules, down payment requirements, and assets.
  • The PLS (private loan securitization) market and how investors are assessing default risk, severity and recovery in the Non-QM era.
  • Most importantly, you will get an opportunity to travel deep inside my brain (scary, huh?) and explore #WWBDD – What Would Bill Dallas Do?!
Bill Dallas
Bill Dallas

Don’t Just Market – Edumarket!

Presented By: Ginger Bell

Education-based marketing, or “Edumarketing”, is the sharing of knowledge with the purpose of building trust and positioning yourself as the expert in your field.  It is a necessary strategy in today’s competitive mortgage market that can help you establish credibility and build trust with your prospects, customers and partners.

The mortgage market is competitive, and how you differentiate yourself and maintain trust in the ever-changing world of mortgage marketing is more crucial than ever.  Join, Best-Selling Author and Award-Winning Edumarketing Specialist, Ginger Bell, as she shares how you can quickly implement “Edumarketing” into your marketing plan.  In this fast-paced session you will learn how to:

  • Create User–Generated Content
  • Use Customers as Marketers
  • Create a Content Marketing Plan
  • Utilize Video Marketing
  • Capture the Power of Being the Social Expert

Don’t miss out on this powerful session that will help you leverage your expertise and implement powerful Edumarketing into your business!

Join Best-Selling Author and Edumarketing Specialist, Ginger Bell, as she shares what emerging trends you need to keep an eye out for and integrate into your marketing plans.

Ginger Bell
Ginger Bell

Powerful Consumer-Direct Marketing Strategies (A Panel Discussion)

Marketing to the consumer BEFORE they contact a real estate agent is the foundation of these four mortgage women’s business.

They have systems—and they consistently work those systems to make their phones ring.  Systems to generate leads.  Systems to share those leads with real estate agents.

  • Homes for Heroes Marketing System
    • Jamie Harrington with Homeside Financial (Hickory, North Carolina)
  • Investing in Real Estate Events for Women Only
    • Ana Chanis with Freedom Mortgage (Winter Park, Florida)
  • Appreciation Events for Consumers
    • Cheryl Braunschweiger with Nova Home Loans (Arvada, Colorado)
  • It’s the Bomb Bomb: Building Relationships Using Video Messaging
    • Carla Spragg with Prime Lending (Katy, Texas)
Jamie Harrington
Jamie Harrington
Cheryl Braunschweiger
Cheryl Braunschweiger
Ana Chanis
Ana Chanis
Carla Spragg
Carla Spragg

Creating a Consumer-Referred-Business Without Making Yourself Crazy!

Presented By: Tammy Butler, Master CMB, LSS Black Belt, Publisher of and CEO of Fair Lending Diversity.

The next generation of homebuyers are seekers of knowledge and “lurk” on social media platforms for mortgage information.  They investigate what you offer before you even know that they “need” what you offer.  If you provide enough information to position yourself as a mortgage expert, you may be one of the loan officers they contact.  If you pitch the wrong message, home buyers will see you as just another face in the social media crowd and shop around for the “best rate”.

In this session you will learn techniques that have been updated and re-created to put you in charge of establishing your own source of referrals, the consumer!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to Attract Today’s Consumer to Your Business
  • Flipping the Referral Roles: “Lender to Real Estate Agent”
  • Key Components of Incubation Sales & Marketing within Your Social & Community Networks
  • Branding Yourself as the Subject Matter Expert in Your Network
  • Removing the “What Is Your Rate” Question from the Conversation
Tammy Butler
Tammy Butler

From Wimp to Warrior in 52 Days

Presented By: Louise Thaxton, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Leesville, LA

How long does it take to turn an average loan officer into a top-producing warrior loan officer?

Not one year, but only 52 days (that’s less than one quarter of a year) – that’s all you need to develop a warrior mindset that can transform your life and business forever.  This presentation will equip you with the weapons of warfare needed to fight the war for success, implement the daily rituals and disciplines of America’s elite special operations forces, and annihilate the habits that have held you captive for years, all of which will help you to develop the mental toughness necessary to transform your life and business forever.

You will learn three tactics and seven strategies:

  • Get Up
    • Waking Up to a Mission
  • Gear Up
    • Building a possibility shield around your thinking
    • Discovering the Gung-ho of your work
    • Designing a battle plan
  • Show Up
    • Drawing the battle lines around your day
    • Using your Warrior Disciplines
    • Living the Warrior Ethos

You are a warrior.  You were not designed or built for mediocrity or failure.  You were created for success.  And it doesn’t take a lifetime – it only takes 52 days.

Louise Thaxton
Louise Thaxton




What are Your Super Powers?

Presented By: Kelly McGuinness, Producing Branch Manager at PrimeLending in Milford, Connecticut

Have you ever wondered why so many people seem to be successful naturally – almost effortlessly?

Let’s face it…YOU are unique – and there are a thousand ways to be successful in this business.

There is no doubt they are working within their own unique strengths. And it is easy to find out what yours are and how to maximize them in your business.

This workshop teaches the benefits and positive impact of understanding, developing, and working with your own strengths.

You will learn about the Clifton Strength Finder, a talent assessment taken by over 20 million people worldwide and used by many Fortune 500 companies.  We will discuss the positive benefits and explosive growth potential realized when you focus on doing what you do best.

When you work within your own unique strength profile, sales and marketing become easier, quality of life improves, and work relationships deepen. You – and your team – become more productive.

Kelly will share with you 15 years of experience practicing and implementing Strength Finder with her teams and in her own production.

Kelly McGuinness
Kelly McGuinness

Home Scout: The Ultimate Lead-Generation Tool

Presented By: Paula Peck, Project Consultant, HomeScout & Sherry OlsenSr. Realtor Relations Officer with Define Mortgage Solutions, Phoenix, AZ

Are you paying to support real estate agents?  Through Redfin? Zillow? Or just helping out with their marketing on a local basis?  What if you could CONTROL the lead yourself and know exactly when the consumer is shopping for a home?  You will learn:

  • How you can STOP the “disrupters” that are stealing your customers
  • How your past, present and future customers are being sold to your competition – even if you are paying these websites for leads.
  • Examples of what is happening currently in the market when it comes to control of the transaction.
Paula Peck
Paula Peck
Sherry Olsen
Sherry Olsen

Blueprinting for Success: Modern Day Business Planning

Presented By: Christine Beckwitha 30-year veteran in the mortgage industry. She wrote and released two bestselling books in early 2018. She won an American BookFest award for her sales book Wise Eyes: See Your Way to Success, while receiving the Best-Selling label for Clear Boundaries: Every Business Woman’s Essential Safety Guide as a Hot New Release on Amazon.

Christine Beckwith attended an elite business session in NYC with a few hundred other executive level professionals at Radio Music City Hall for an intimate sit down with an amazing line up of professional icons, on the topic of proper business planning.   Some of those icons included Rudy Giuliani, Colin Powell, Jack Welch, Richard Branson and Anne Jung, to name a few.

As a new executive, Christine set out to take her then-last-place sales district of 125 employees on a journey, to bring her district to the number-one place as a national mortgage company in just over one year, and then held it there for many years to come.

Blueprinting for Success is a study in the quickest path to success by applying 7 principles to daily sales interaction, avoiding pitfalls that derail sustaining and fulfilling a business plan – truly a proven boom for your business and life.

Christine Beckwith
Christine Beckwith

How to Use Social Media to Generate Leads from Consumers and Real Estate Agents (A Panel Discussion)

Have you ever wondered how they do it?  How they build their business using social media? How they brand themselves without spending a ton of money?

We have assembled an amazing panel of four mortgage women who use social media as an integral part of their business.

  • The Good, Bad & Ugly: Facebook Personal vs. Business Pages
    • Anna Smith, Prime Lending (Saratoga Springs, New York)
  • Why Facebook Groups Can Be Your Best Virtual Friends
    • Lauren Zambelli, Cliffco Mortgage (Long Island, New York)
  • An Introduction to Instagram
    • Robin Baran, Compass Mortgage (Chicago, Illinois)
  • How to Build Meaningful Relationships Thru Social Media
    • Natalie Fallbach, LoanDepot (Tierjaras, New Mexico)
Anna Smith
Anna Smith
Robin Baran
Robin Baran
Lauren Zambelli
Lauren Zambelli
Natalie Fallbach
Natalie Fallbach

Please Note: Terri’s Presentation will run until 5:00pm! We highly recommend taking a later evening flight (after 7:30pm) to ensure you can stay for the entire wrap-up presentation as well as saying goodbye to all your new mortgage girlfriends!


Terri is a Power House who will tie together the 2-day mastermind and is not to be missed!

  • The shuttles will run to the hotel only after the event. If you need to head directly to the airport, you will need to arrange your transportation and to get your luggage.

The Real Deal:   Power + Purpose = Profitability

Presented By: Terri Murphy, TedTalk Speaker, Master Coach with Workman Success Systems, and the founder of SmartWomen/SmarterChoices. Terri is a syndicated author with RISMedia and has been featured on ABC, NBC and CNBC News as a sales industry expert.  She is a regularly scheduled guest on ABC Network’s Live@9 for Women in Business and co-hosts Talk Radio every Wednesday, “Women’s Wisdom Wednesdays”.

Do you really think you have tapped into your full potential and power to achieve the results you pursue?

Do you ever fall into bed at night exhausted, and wonder why you didn’t accomplish more? Make a sale?  Get more done on that endless “to do” list?

You know you worked like a wild woman, but you can’t even recall where the time went and ultimately if it was a truly productive day.  Is this all there is?

You may be shocked at what you are doing to limit, sabotage and steal the power in the moment that impacts what you do and how you do it.

What if you could cut through the noise, eliminate the barriers, and be fully locked and loaded to create your life by design and not by default? In this wrap-up session, we will share insights into how you may be abdicating your greatest assets and how to easily eliminate your greatest liabilities with less work and less stress to gain more income and ultimately a more joyful and satisfying life.

In this session we will share:

  • How women’s high adaptability factor can sabotage their time, energy and assets
  • Why your personal belief system may be your biggest enemy or your greatest opportunity
  • How to add the “E” factor in six areas of your life to keep you focused on your real purpose for authentic life
  • The one single action you can make to take back your personal power
  • Identifying the barriers that keep you from your goals
  • How to know if you are seriously looking at a real plan to change how you live your life
  • Next year, let’s buckle up and get you back in the power zone!


Date 10-03-2019
End Date 10-04-2019