Honolulu, HI - 2019 8 Hour Live CE

Wednesday Aug 07, 2019

7-Hour SAFE Core American Lender Live

    • This year The Knowledge Coop will walk you through an overview of NMLS-approved topics, but of course, we take a fresh and investigative approach to the information. As lending guidelines slacken, Non-Prime lending picks up, and uncertainty of industry futures increase we will challenge you to know the regulations, think ethically through the day to day, and build a trustworthy business that you can be proud of.

1 Hour HI SAFE: 2019 Hawaii Update (online)

  • This year's fresh class from the Knowledge Coop covers a variety of NMLS-approved topics while covering record retention rules in Hawaii state, the DFI expectations around locations and regular business hours, and what branch managers are responsible for at your company. We'll also cover subjects such as mortgage call reports, revised loan estimates, changes of circumstance, and phantom withdrawals. Finally, we'll look at case studies from your state.


Date 08-07-2019