5 Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople: Habit #4

Tue Oct 06, 2020
Habit # 4: New Client Onboarding and the 3 Rewards of a Relationship Business. The mortgage world can be very transactional. The lower rates go, the more we are treated as a commodity. Habit #4 of the 5 habits is having transformational interactions in a transactional world. Once we gain a realtor’s trust for the first time by helping to get their customer into a new home, it's vital to follow up with a 90-day "new client" onboard system. If done properly, there are 3 rewards we should get from every new client: (1) Referral, (2) Review, and (3) Repeat Business. Our client experience systems are built to drastically improve all three. For over a decade, Bruce Lund, Ph.D., has trained thousands of professionals all over the country. His coaching journey began as a 25-year old career author and speaker to young professionals. Bruce earned a Ph.D. in human performance at age 29 and was hired as both a program director and a professor in the Texas A&M System. In 2017, Bruce launched his own sales training business, 90-Day Sales Manager™, which has become one of the fastest growing programs in the country. Commonly referred to as the P90X of sales training, the program combines daily virtual training with weekly live coaching. Bruce takes pride in his versatility of coaching top one-percenters, brand-new salespeople, and everything in-between. He does this through a "heart of a teacher" approach using his Ph.D. in behavioral science to accelerate business growth in a fun, dynamic way.


Date 10-06-2020

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