How to Market to Self-Employed Borrowers

Thu Jul 11, 2019
In this webinar we will share how to leverage and market the Finance of America Two X Flex Bank Statement Loan program for self employed borrowers.

According to a recent article on the Freddie Mac site, more than 14 million borrowers are self-employed. Non-traditional income earners are becoming the norm today and being able to offer loan options to them is critical to your business.

Finance of America offers a great option with the Two X Flex program.

If you are looking for programs for your self-employed borrowers, then the Two X Flex program can help! Find out why it is important right now to jump on and leverage this exciting program!

Join, Ginger Bell, Education Specialist to find out why you need to promote, promote, promote to your self-employed borrowers today! 

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Date 07-11-2019
End Date 07-11-2019