Income Analysis for Conventional Loans

Wednesday Dec 11, 2019
Did you know that the GSE you deliver a loan to can be impacted by the borrower’s source of income? Join National MI University on December 11th for a presentation on Income Analysis and Conventional Loans led by Marianne Collins. She will explore differences between how Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac look at different types of income, how to calculate it, and the documentation required to verify the income and its continuity. Marianne Collins is president of the Government Lending Division at Diehl Mortgage Training and Compliance. She designs and conducts loan underwriting and compliance training webinars and live classes. Prior to joining Diehl, she had a successful 35-year career in mortgage banking and remains active in the industry as executive director and COO for the Ohio Mortgage Bankers Association.


Date 12-11-2019

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