Lending 2021: Will You Change the Way You Work to Compete?

Wed Sep 09, 2020

This webinar is sponsored by Nomis Solutions. Please be advised that all participant email addresses will be shared with presenters.

So far, 2020 has upended how we parent, communicate, and work. At the same time, COVID-19 had changed how our customers interact with their banks and more importantly what they want from them. As we reflect on what 2020 taught us so far, it is also time to look ahead. Budget planning season is now upon us. What changes will you be making? Most likely you have more margin and volume right now—but less time to make data-driven decisions and less budget to work with.

So, how will you do more with less? To deliberate on this and other matters, we’ve assembled panel of experts to assess the hand that 2020 dealt us and consider the implications of these massive changes for 2021.


Date 09-09-2020

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