Appraisal Training for Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals

Wednesday Oct 16, 2019
Today’s market includes low rates, limited supply, and price appreciation which have put pressure on appraised values. The appraisal process has changed drastically affecting both real estate and mortgage professionals along with their customers. What are the changes that are driving this pressure and what does the future hold? How can you understand today’s appraisals and the valuation process and help simplify things for your clients? • What is the appraiser looking for? • Understanding the appraiser • What are the changes and how have they impacted the process- Comparables, UCDP, SSR, CU? • Real estate professionals analysis vs appraiser’s analysis Join us for an informative live webinar with industry expert Luke Tomaszewski, CEO of eValuation Zone and Proxy Pics Inc., where we discuss all of this plus: • Where did good to average go and why? • The C’s and Q’s and much more After this 60 minute webinar, you’ll be more equipped to prepare your clients for success. Brought to you by National MI University and Diehl Mortgage Training and Compliance. All webinar attendees will be entered in a random drawing and are eligible to win a Ring Doorbell and an Echo dot!


Date 10-16-2019

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