The Future is Female: The Rise of the Single Female Homebuyer and How to Reach Her

Thursday Dec 12, 2019
National MI University is excited to host our Cultural Outreach and millennial experts, Kristin Messerli and Sarah Vita, as they discuss the rise of the single female homebuyer and how to reach her on December 12th. In 2018, single women made up 18% of all homebuyers, second only to married couples. Learn how to tap into this market by understanding female buyers’ motivations and values. They will cover: • How women’s motivations differ from those of other buyer segments • Translating characteristics and values to effective marketing materials • Options and programs that will appeal to female homebuyers Kristin Messerli is a nationally renowned speaker on the topic of business growth through social impact. She is the founder of Cultural Outreach and managing editor for Mortgage Women Magazine. Sarah Vita is the client engagement manager for a variety of projects with Cultural Outreach, as well as project manager for consumer education, social media and Mortgage Women Magazine.


Date 12-12-2019

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