Understanding & Reviewing Appraisals

Thu Jan 23, 2020
A well done appraisal report might take you through some twists and turns but the ending should not surprise you. Let our team walk you through the 1004 (Uniform Residential Appraisal Report) and show you how it is like reading a story. 

In this session you will learn:
•	To navigate the 1004 appraisal report and key areas of focus
•	The ratings and abbreviations that are found throughout the report
•	How a neighborhood is defined and how the 1004MC (Market Condition Addendum) should be reviewed 
•	What is considered a good comparable in terms of distance, date of sale, location, and overall adjustments made
•	The Paired Sales Analysis method of determining value
•	To identify red flags throughout the and understand the implications for potential fraud
•	For the In-Person class, the learning will be reinforced with a case study 


Date 01-23-2020

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