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~ REFERRAL NETWORK ~ No extra cost. No extra time. No extra effort. Earn extra income. CLIENT RETENTION tool. THE BEST value-added-service.

Solar4ThePlanet is a national solar provider (17 US states) that mentors Mortgage Originators, Realtors or any Homeowner-Direct professional to create a 2nd stream of income that is totally synergistic with their primary job responsibilities.  Our Solar Referral Network costs nothing to join and happily pays referral fees for successful installations. 
  • No need to quit current job.
  • No additional time commitment necessary.
  • No compliance conflict.
Simply get paid MORE for doing what any successful professional is already doing ... offering a  differentiating service to retain or attract new clients.  We provide the most TIME-RELEVENT "value-added-service" for you to offer to your homeowner client as part of your client retention practices.  They get a money saving opportunity.  You make a positive impression.  And, a revenue stream is created.

No solar experience is needed.  We train your client retention team to easily & quickly make the introduction, and then Solar4ThePlanet steps in and does the heavy lifting.  We make you look like a hero!  We provide homeowners:
  • No Cost Solar Evaluation & Proposal
  • No Down-payment on the solar system
  • No out-of-pocket cost for the installation
We educate homeowners on how to easily transition their electric usage from more expensive dirty fossil fuel to LESS EXPENSIVE CLEAN SOLAR energy.  It's that simple.  Loan, Lease or Cash OK.  No lien on property.

Why homeowners GO SOLAR:

1. SAVINGS. Clean, renewable solar energy typically costs less than dirty, depleting fossil fuel.  Average homeowner may enjoy a 5% - 50% decrease in energy cost  Pretty simple.
2. ELIMINATE NASTY RATE HIKES by going solar. You become your own power company and stop those annual energy cost increases, which are in the business model for utility companies.
3. AFFORDABLE SOLAR SYSTEMS. No upfront cost. No down-payment.  No lien on property.  No HERO/PACE headaches. Loan, lease or cash. 20 yr terms at super low rates.  Loan/lease payment simply replaces all or part of current electric bill.
4. TAX INCENTIVES available. Federal Tax Credit may be applicable. Check with tax advisor.
5. MAINTENANCE & WARRANTY coverage. 10 yr installation & roof / 25 yr parts.
6. INCREASED PROPERTY VALUE. Multiple market studies report that homes with solar enjoy a national average of 4.2%* added property value [ *even higher in some states].
7. BUILD EQUITY.  Same as having a mortgage.  Purchasing a residential solar system allows the homeowner to change their electric payment to an electric investment ... just as their mortgage payment becomes a home investment.  Both mortgage & solar build ownership equity.
8. LEGACY. Be a positive Agent of Change. Be a part of the Climate Crisis solution for the sake of our children, grandchildren and future generations.

Why consider solar from Solar4ThePlanet

~ GREAT PRICING. Low overhead, volume purchasing power & ridiculously slim margins allow me to offer unbeatable savings.
~ QUALITY SYSTEMS. Top quality equipment. "Made in USA" and "Hurricane Rated" options available.
~ PEACE OF MIND & INTEGRITY. To us, "reputation" is everything.  We won't sell something that doesn't make sense for the solar client.  We live in a referral world where "relationship trumps transaction"... always.

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